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My first audiologist could not believe

When I got hearing tests for hearing aids
my first audiologist ever invited me
for a talk about my hearing loss.

He could not believe that I attended
regular high school.
He was convinced this was impossible
with my hearing loss.

He was so curious how I managed this,
and I was surprised that he was so interested.
I told him how I became a star in lip-reading.
How I learned to understand all nonverbal languages
and what I learned from my mother.

My mother -living with hearing loss- initiated me
when I was very young:
“you should always look at the faces”

“Try to focus on the mouth and read the lips”
“Find a change to sit near the speaker”
“Remember that light should shine on faces”

Those basic and very helpful rules help me
and they still do.

For teamwork we need to organize more:



Last week a client asked invited me to find new ways
to communicate with her team.

She was already using the basic rules.
Now it was time to work on hearing and understanding
and working together with her colleagues.

With her team we worked together on the best conditions
to communicate during a meeting with a group of ten.
We experimented which room was best.
One wanted a small room.
One a room full with light.
One the room which could be reach with the elevator.
Everyone voted for the room with a lot of soft materials.

Inspiration gave the wall where we could draw and write
all the key words on.     

Writing interpreter:
We exercised with a writing interpreter.
All colleagues were enthusiastic
and happy that they could read the text
and wanted to read some of it afterwards.

Red wire:
The hearing colleagues encouraged their colleague
with hearing loss to be open about all of her needs.
They asked her to end with some conclusions
to see what helps her the most.

Colleagues gave feedback on this method below;
‘It helps me a lot’
‘I also cannot always follow meetings’
‘your needs are also my needs in a meeting’

My client told her team she was looking for a buddy
someone who she could share gossip
news and new developments
on a weekly basis with.

Extra tips we organized with the team:
+ If you are about to speak, raise your hand.
+ Keep the agenda clear.
+ Do some relaxation exercisesin between.
+ Be the chairman if you have a hearing loss.

What creative tips do you use within your team?
Looking forward hearing from you!


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Tone Østby Segtnan, 8 aug 2014

This blog asked for my attention, so to speak, the language is soft but powerful, and enjoyable to read. It summons many of my own experiences, and it is important to share them.

So many persons who are HOH struggle on their own here… people are exhausted by the time they finally find help.

What seems most important is to win back a more or less lost belief in life and in future. By meeting others and prepare for a working life as HOH, people also win back their dignity and create more understanding for communication skills in general, both in working an private life.